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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My WHAT???

Aparently, I look a) like a guy; b) like an asian; and c) like a blond.

I'm NONE OF THOSE, people!!!

Although - resembling Raquel Welch isn't bad. Hubby likes her A LOT.

I think I need a better picture of me. :-P

Just looking at pics from the Academy Awards . . .

Does anyone else think that Daniel Day Lewis desperately needs a bath?

Anyone? Anyone?

Not sure what his wife was thinking, either. Her shoes kind of remind me of the Wicked Witch that was caught under the house after Dorothy landed in Oz.
However, I'm going to vow here and now that if I ever become a famous movie star, I will never attend an awards show. I would probably come up with something similar to Mrs. Day-Lewis. Actually, her outfit wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the bright red bows on her shoulders, and the weird floral arrangement nested between her boobs. And the shoes, of course.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things are looking better!

Hubby's back to work.

Munchkin's back to school.
Mom has a friend staying with her until tomorrow.

I would be relaxing today, but as a thank you to Kidlet for being just about the most wonderful kid in the universe, we're getting the house ready so she can have a friend over to spend the night.

Oh, and one more wonderful thing about Kidlet - she made me breakfast in bed. Chocolate chip pancakes and a fantastic cup of coffee.

I think I have the sweetest kid on the planet. Oh, and the boy she likes told her she was beautiful yesterday. Couldn't agree more!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's been a hell of a month

I try not to talk too much about my family relations on this blog. They're insane, and I'm not. Basically covers it.

However, to give everyone the proper feel for my current situation, I suppose I'll have to do a little bit of explaining.

First, my mom is a depressed hypochondriac. She has acted like she's dying for the last 20 years. She smokes too much, and has developed Type II Diabetes due to her bad eating habits and her lack of any sort of exercise.

About 15 years ago, she started living with this guy. They started out as boyfriend/girlfriend, but ended up being more like roommates. I'll call him JP. JP was in Viet Nam, and had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was an alcoholic with serious rage issues. Didn't work since the mid-80's. Basically just mooched off my mom most of the time.

When she'd complain about JP, we'd tell her to kick him out. However, she didn't want to be alone. With her failing health, etc etc etc, having "someone" was, in her mind, better than being alone.

During the past 15 years, JP has been to jail twice. The first time for assulting a police officer (or something to that effect), and this last time for DUI. He went to jail the first week in January, and got out the first week of February.

The day JP got out of jail was the day he died. He came home, did some errands with mom, then went to the barber shop that afternoon to get his hair cut. He died at the barber shop of a massive heart attack.

I kinda felt bad for mom. I mean, she cared for the guy. But even she said he missed out on so much because he just dropped out of life years ago. So, we've been dealing with that for the last week and a half.

I knew when she told me about JP that I was going to have to take care of her more often. As much as JP and I didn't get along, he was useful.

Mom just called me. She fell down yesterday. She can't walk right now.

On top of that, Hubby has the flu, and has been off work for the last two days. He can barely rouse himself to eat.

I'm waiting to hear back from my mom to see if I can get her into see her doctor.

I also have to make sure my own girls are taken care of. Hubby is in no shape to help anyone right now.

Is there some kind of cloning device I could use? I need at least one more of me. Maybe two.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stupid Blogger ate my post


To recap the post that Blogger ate:

Munchkin is doing better.
Hubby has convinced himself it's just allergies (riiiight)
Kidlet is a God-send, and I don't know where I'd be without her.

That is all.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I suppose she can't just convince herself she's fine

My poor Munchkin is sick again.

It started last week with a bad cough. Things seemed to be getting better. By Saturday (her b-day party, natch) she seemed fine.

Sunday, she woke up with a whopper of a fever. At it's worst, she was at 103.5. Lots of Children's Motrin, Children's Tylenol, and cool baths for her. Naturally, we kept her home on Monday. Hubby wasn't feeling so hot, either, so he volunteered to stay home with her.

By Monday evening, she seemed to be feeling much better. She had only had a fever that morning, and was in very good spirits. I thought I might just luck out, and not have to stay home.

Don't count my chickens.

At around 12:30 AM Tuesday morning, I could hear her moaning for me from her room. I ran down the hall, and she was crying that her tummy hurt. For the rest of the night, and most of the following day, she was on the potty chair anywhere between 2 and 4 times an hour. By Tuesday evening, she could barely sit down, her bottom hurt so bad.

She seemed to be doing okay on Wednesday, so I informed her she was going back to school on Thursday (today). As awful as it sounds, I can only do so much work from home. I actually need to go into the office.

So, this morning, just our luck, she seemed to be relapsing. Like a trouper, though, she got ready for school, and I drove her in. Come to find out, aparently, there's some sort of pandemic virus hitting everyone there, too. There are so many teacher's absent with this, that there weren't enough substitutes, and some classes had to be re-arranged while the teachers are out sick!

I made sure the school had all my phone numbers in case they needed to get hold of me. They didn't, so I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be feeling better when I get home tonight. Hubby was supposed to call me when he picked her up to let me know how she's doing, but now it seems he's coming down with it, too. I suppose with men, it affects their brains as well as their stomachs.


It's going to be a shitty (literally) weekend.


Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm Sorry, Patriots Fans

It's my fault.

I accept full responsibility.

I hadn't decided until the pre-game show who I was going to root for. Then, during the pre-game show, the ediorial on Junior came on. I loved the piece, and made my decision to get behind the Patriots.

Only, there's more to it than that.

See, I have never EVER picked the right team to win Super Bowl. I can pick winning teams all during regular season, and even during post-season. But at the Super Bowl?


In the past, I've always attributed it to the fact that, for the big game at least, I typically want the under-dog to win. Typically, they don't.

This time, I went for the favorite at the last minute.

I even told hubby after I made my choice that I felt bad because it meant they were going to lose.

Hubby essentially told me I was full of shit.

As is usually the case at our house, whoever I root for, Hubby will pick the other team.

After the game was over, Hubby looked at me and kinda laughed.

"You were right. You do suck."

So, there you have it. I take full responsibility for the Patriots loss.