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Saturday, July 29, 2006

For Dani-honey

Because I promised Dani I would.

And here are my beyoutiful feetsies . . .

Ha!!! Bitch.

j/k - I love you, sweetie!!!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogger's acting weird

Just seeing if a new post will help get my blog back. I'm getting the white screen of nothingness when I try to load it.

So . . . how's life? Seen any good movies lately?

Oh! I'm assuming you heard Lance is gay. I ask you - was there ever any doubt in your mind? Didn't think so.

Okay - that's about all I have to say for now.

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Baby!!!

Caution: if you hate dealing with proud mommies, read no further!!!

My baby - my four year old baby - has mastered
swimming! Since we got the pool, she has been allowed no further than the margarita step unless she had on her life jacket. When we'd suggest she try to swim to us without said jacket, she would freak. Nope - wanted NOTHING to do with that. Until last week. Off came the jacket, and voila!! She could swim fine without it.
We still won't let her swim without her lifejacket unless we're there with her. But I'm finding I'm doing alot more SWIMMING now that she can swim, and alot less dragging the kid from place to place, just praying for one single solitary lap before we prune beyond belief.

In other news, we're heading for record-breaking heat. We tied the previous record for number of straight days over 100 degrees, and we will break that record tomorrow, as it is forecasted to be about 108 degrees. And it's not doing the 101 or 102. Noooooo. This weekend, we saw 110 and 112 on Saturday and Sunday. Our pool is now a huge bathtub. The only releif we get is when the temperature gets to be around 95 degrees, and we get in the pool only because we'll feel cooler when we get out. I know it doesn't make sense, but there you have it.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Holy Shit

It's hot. I mean really really hot. It is almost 6:00 PM, and it's 106 degrees outside. Tomorrow and Saturday, it's forecasted to be 110 degrees.

I hate the summer.

I mean really REALLY hate the summer. I'm not a hot weather person. Once it gets over 80, I start using the air conditioner. Needless to say, this summer, the a/c has been going almost constantly. That, however, is going to change. I received my electric bill for last month. Over $300, thankyouverymuch. Yikes! Yet another reason to hate summer.

And my husband wants to move to the desert??!! He's fucking nuts.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You Know It's Hot When . . .

The water in your pool is 90 degrees, and it actually feels cool.

Summer sucks.

Friday, July 14, 2006

new post

I know I haven't posted in awhile. It's not that I don't want to, there's just nothing that has happened that makes me want to post. Things are going well. Kids are doing the summer cold thing at the moment, but they're on the mend. Hubby's been engrossed in re-building his motorcycle. As long as I smile and nod my head when he gets into his techno-jargon, we're okay.

On the job front, my boss is leaving. Wah!! I kinda figured this was coming. He's been taking alot of time off, and he had mentioned a few months ago about wanting to get in with the federal government. It wasn't really a shock. It just sucks, though. We had our personal differences, but he was a good boss. He's one of those bosses who really doesn't WANT to be a boss, so he treats you (usually) like an equal. Now, who knows what we're gonna get? Boss-types that I've encountered in this establishment usually have that better-than-you quality about them, like they're always looking down their nose at you. I haven't encountered that so much at this job. There's about 15 managers in my office, and only a couple of them have the nose-in-the-air 'tude. The rest are really cool and approachable. However, we won't be lucky enough to get one of the other managers. None of the managers would have any reason at all to leave one team for another. So, we'll either get a promoted analyst as a new manager, or someone transferring into the department without any previous contract experience. Oh joy. Either way, we're going to have to get someone who needs to prove themselves for the next year until their probation is over. Ugh.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I'm taking Friday and Monday off to be with the babies.