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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spry old farts

When hubby and I are . . . *ahem* . . . older, I want to be like this:

Granted, we'll probably have to learn how to dance first. Then, I suppose I'd have to stop leading. Hubby always complains when he has to be the bitch.

Editor's note: It's not my fault I lead. Dance Fever ruined my life. I was always bigger than all my friends, so I had to be the guy when we'd try to recreate the dances. I guess it stuck.

Damn it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Laying Low for a Bit

Hey there.

Just got a new job, and I'm in the middle of training. Since I typically only get online when I'm at work, you probably won't be hearing from me all that often for the next few weeks.

Just want to thank Earl for the local beer review. I will definately give the suggestions a try and report back.

I'll pop by everyone's blog when I can to read up and leave smart ass comments. I guess I can't quit cold turkey. :-D

I'll leave you with possibly my favorite picture taken of me. My mom snapped it when I was completely oblivious to her (which is very difficult to do, believe me). I didn't even know she had it until it turned up on a disc my cousin made of a bunch of family photos. This was taken when Kidlet was about three, and it's (obviously) Easter. I was completely entralled with her, and had to take a camera everywhere. Easter was always my favorite, because I'd get to dress her up, and she looked so adorable. I think I have about a million Easter pictures of my girls.

See ya!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The bane of my existance

For the past two months, my sleep has been interrupted.
  • This bird
  • has been sitting outside our house and singing all fucking night long. Well, not exactly THAT bird. It's a fair approximation. It's some form of mockingbird. Click on the video below, and you'll be able to hear what I do every single damned night.

    I swear, I am going to kill it. It's nice when you're awake, and you're hearing it from a distance. Unfortunately for my family, it's a loud fucking bird, and that light pole you see is about 15 feet from my daughters' windows. Even in the back of my house, I can hear this bird at full volume.

    How does one eradicate a mockingbird? I'm really tired of the car alarm tweet (I really had no idea that it was copying a car alarm until a coworker mentioned it). If I don't get rid of it soon, I may just do something rash. And I can't afford something rash.

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    In preparation . . .

    You know, the only reason I ever agree to have parties at my house is so I can get my family together for a week or two before and CLEAN EVERYTHING.

    Munchkin is having her very first pool party on Saturday. Last week, I had the girls clean all their garb . . . *ahem* . . . stuff out of the front room. The front room is the first room as you open the door. Everyone is in the habit of just dropping whatever they're carrying on the loveseat there. Jackets, books, papers from school, art projects, toys, everything. We still had winter jackets laying out there. But - all clean now! Yay!

    I finally got rid of our fish tank. We haven't had fish in, like, three years. Maybe longer. I don't remember. But, we had the 25 gallon fish tank still sitting in our entertainment center. Now - GONE! It's replaced by hubby's record player I gave him for Christmas a few years ago (which was sitting on a little try table off in the corner). Oh yeah - I know how to decorate, let me tell ya!

    (Yes, that last sentence was dripping with sarcasm. I have NO decorating sense whatsoever.)

    The kitchen - clean! I was down on my hands and knees SCRUBBING the floor. The cabinets are all scrubbed and polished. The refrigerator, which was covered in children's artwork and more magnets than space, is now cleaned to a nice gleaming white, and the artwork is in a nice pile on the dining room table (haven't gotten to THAT room yet). The stove and diswasher have been scrubbed, and look almost as good as new!

    Only problem is . . . we're expecting approximately a dozen kids next weekend (along with parents). My clean house is going to get trashed in about 4 hours.

    But for now . . . BLISS!!!

    Tuesday, June 09, 2009

    Men - just get used to it, okay?

    It only gets worse from here! :-D

    Thursday, June 04, 2009

    Happy Graduation!!!

    My Kidlet graduated from 8th grade tonight.

    I'm so proud of her!!

    Go ahead, tell me how beautiful she is. I can take it.

    Monday, June 01, 2009

    Perils of being a teenager's parent

    Okay out there - I need some input.

    Kidlet, my oldest, has had a boyfriend for about a year. We'll call him Robert.

    He's a cute kid. Doesn't put any pressure on my beautiful girl. They hang out together with a bunch of kids. They like video games. They play role playing games. Yes, I realize I'm raising a geek, but that's okay with me.

    Cut to this Sunday. Kidlet was helping her dad outside. She told him she wanted to call Robert and see if she could go over to his house. Hubby told her that if Robert wanted to spend time with her, he would have to call her, not the other way around. It struck me that Robert rarely calls, and only comes over when he's picking Kidlet up for a school event, or when there's at least two or three other kids with him, and they're all hanging over at our house.

    Kidlet was (naturally) quite upset with this, and said that "boys don't do that these days." I told her that I agreed with her father, and that if Robert wanted to see her, he could call.

    I realize that Robert is scared of Hubby. Any normal boy would be. I mean - Hubby can be very threatening. He is a large framed man who favors weapon themed decor. No teenaged geek in his right mind would willingly enter our house and step one millimeter out of line, for fear of being buried deep in some unknown area of desert, food for scorpions and snakes.

    But, shouldn't he at least call if he wants to see his girlfriend? Or is Kidlet right? Do boys leave it up to the girls now?